Mother Earth


Flames Are Calling
Gimme Some Time
The Drowned Goddess
Not Your Affair
Brave The Storm
Ravished Girl
Misery For Free
Mother Earth
Into The Void
This Barren Land








Say who did start the fires that burned the land
Who brought the storms that wrecked this town
And who raised the oceans and let us drown
Who made the plagues, the seven plagues
It was us!

Who made the ozon hole that burns our skin
Who soiled the seas and killed it’s life
It wasn’t one of your gods, where are they anyway?
It was us, us, us, us! We don’t give a toss!

We exploit the world we’re losing all control
Carry on like this, our greed will take it’s toll
Nature strikes back with all her ample means
All of mankind will be blown to smithereens

Last warning, Last warning
Mother Earth’s on Red Alert
Essential lifelines have been hurt
Last warning, Last warning
Mother Earth’s on Red Alert
Mankind is wallowing in dirt

Mother Earth’s presenting us to reality
And we all with open arms embrace our destiny